FINALE (2018)


Principal Theater Thursday, 2019 October 31 / 17:00 7,50 € Tickets

Denmark. Direction: Søren Juul Petersen. Production: Jacob Kondrup, Søren Juul Petersen / Frightgeist Productions, Bang Over Buck, 2 Feet Entertainment, The Danish Film Institute. Screenplay: Søren Juul Petersen, Steen Langstrup, Carsten Bladt. Photography: Tobias Scavenius. Music: Peter K. Nørgaard. Edition: Jacob Kondrup. Cast: Anne Bergfeld, Karin Michelsen, Damon Younger, Kristoffer Fabricius, Mads Koudal. Running time: 99 min.

LANGUAGE: Danish / SUBTITLES: Basque, English

We present two names that you won't forget in a hurry. One is up-and-coming director, Søren Juul Petersen, who has been involved in film making for 20 years. His directorial début has taken Glasgow, Brussels, Russia and other festivals by storm. And the other is Steen Langstrup, widely considered as the Danish Stephen King. This film is based on one of his films that takes place in the dark of night where the football team from this country that has brought us Hamlet and Von Trier is playing in a grand finale. Everyone is watching it on television and two girls, manning a petrol station in the middle of nowhere where nobody will turn up... or maybe yes? No, that is not exactly what it looks like because there is also a well of torture and a perverted master of ceremonies.

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