The Legend of El Hombre Lobo (2019) + La sonrisa del lobo (2014)


La sonrisa del lobo
Okendo K.E. Tuesday, 2019 November 26 / 19:00 / 84'

Free until capacity is reached

In Spanish

The Legend of El Hombre Lobo (2019)

USA. Direction: Dorian Cleavenger. Running time: 40 min

A young woman goes in search of her parents’ grave parents in Transylvania in 1972. She and her friends will experience all types of horrors while there. A tribute to Paul Naschy and his most famous character, Waldemar Daninsky.


La sonrisa del lobo (2014)

Spain. Direction: Javier Perea. Running time: 44 min

1968 was the year when the union between Paul Naschy and one of his most emblematic characters, Waldemar Daninsky, began. Paul and Waldemar have not parted way since that time. Forty years on, Naschy’s film brings us to the fairy-tale and mysterious city of Toledo to relive all those dark and terrifying films alongside Paul.

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