Bullets of Justice
Principal Theater Saturday, 2019 October 26 / 00:30 7,50 € Tickets

Kazakhstan-Bulgary. Direction: Valeri Milev. Production: Timur Turisbekov. Executive production: Janco Bogdanov, Valeri Milev, Michael Kraetzer, Nicolás Onetti. Associated producer: Luciano Onetti. Screenplay: Valeri Milev, Timur Turisbekov. Photography: Orlin Ruevski. Music: Timur Turisbekov. Edition: Boris Tivchev. Cast: Timur Turisbekov, Doroteja Toleva, Danny Trejo, Yana Marinova, Neli Andonova, Askar Turisbekov. Running time: 76 min.

LANGUAGE: English / SUBTITLES: Spanish

Milev, from Bulgaria, has made 150 commercial ads, 200 music videos and directed the 2013 film, Re-Kill about an anti-zombie patrol. He is back, insurgent, indefinable. The idea is clear: following World War II, the US Government implements a secret project to create the perfect soldier. They must have a limited budget as they do this using pig DNA. The Army Bacon programme OBVIOUSLY does not go to plan. However, Robert Rodriguez's second cousin (none other than Danny Trejo) steps in, trying to help whatever remains of humanity to survive, although he make little more than a cameo in this pork-filled satire. Oh, and the girls are warriors and have moustaches.

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