War of fanzines

fanzinesFourth edition of the legendary Fanzine War, where a variety of publications bring out special issues dedicated to the Horror Festival and compete for the favour of the audience at the Principal Theatre. In collaboration with the Desktop Publishing Corner at Ubik, Tabakalera Creation Library, and FNAC.

Are fanzines produced by hand or machine?

Preparatory workshop with Borja Crespo

Are Fanzines produced by hand or machine? Actually, they can be made any way you wish and that you feel like. The fanzine is a free format that has no limits, and is within easy reach of anyone who is interested in making one. All you need are a few sheets of paper, a pencil, glue and scissors to cause a revolution in desktop publishing. It is the perfect tool to experiment and to showcase your work, whether it is in analogue, digital or sensational hybrid format. Fanzines mutate at the whim of the reader and the creator. Why not make your own one! You can do it at home, in the street, in a quiet corner, alone or in company.

Ubik, Tabakalera Creation Library
October 23 / 18:00

Araña Araña