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The exhibition "Fantasmías & Antepasadolls" is open

Fantasmías & Antepasadolls


The exhibition Fantasmías & Antepasadolls will be open between October 27th and November 11th at the Activities Hall of the Municipal Library.

Hi, my name is Sandra Arteaga. I think I have existed since approximately 20th December 1980. I spend most of the time falling a lot, inventing creatures and turning them into dolls. Yeah.

I imagine that for some people this will be a horror expo movie with terrifying creatures and for others a fantasy expo movie with adorable creatures... That's what always happens. Whatever the case, I hope that no-one will see it as an indifferent expo movie. Thanks for your attention.

Pandra (With the special intervention of Leotardo Da Calorinchi)

Araña Araña