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The exhibition "Zipi and Zape in their original format" is open

Zipi y Zape


The exhibition Zipi and Zape in their original format – An exhibition of Escobar’s illustrations will be open between September 20th and November 4th at the FNAC.

It is amazing to see how these mischievous twins never age. They would be more than 70 by now, but as we can see in these original works, they have not lost even one strand of the hair for which they are so well-known.

The most important characters of the great Josep Escobar i Saliente have become protagonists of an important part of our comedy history through nearly 10,000 pages produced one after the other, which made them major parts of the life of many generations.

Twenty-five years have passed since the passing of their creator, and Escobar's family is presenting a part of his private collection to remind us of Zipi and Zape's enviable health.

Araña Araña