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Hideo Nakata will present at the Principal Theatre "Sadako"



Japanese filmmaker Hideo Nakata will be visiting San Sebastian for the first time to present his new film, Sadako, the newest film from The Ring franchise.

Nakata has been one of the most important Japanese horror film directors since he directed the original film from the franchise, The Ring, in 1998, and whose wide range of work includes, Dark Water (2002), Kaidan (2007), The Complex (2013) and Ghost Theater (2015).


20 years after the release of The Ring (1998), the film that gave birth to a new genre, known as J-Horror, which is still very much alive, the director of the original film and several of its sequels, Hideo Nakata, and novelist Kôji Suzuki, have come together once again for this film that shows us Sadako's character today. The new story stars young Mayu, a psychologist at a hospital, whose brother has disappeared without a trace. Her search brings her to an island where she will learn the true story of Sadako and her family.

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