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The exhibition "Creators of Legends – Homage to HR Giger" is open



The exhibition Creators of Legends – Homage to HR Giger will be open between October 26th and November 10th at the Activities Hall of the Municipal Library.

The designs of the Swiss artist HR Giger caused a revolution in the look of science fiction and horror movies with his collaboration on Alien (1979). However, as we saw in the extensive retrospective dedicated to him in San Sebastian's Kubo-Kutxa Gallery in 2019, his work is much more than Alien, extending to numerous disciplines including painting, sculpture, illustration as well as furniture and architectural design. Giger developed a striking creative universe by means of images packed with biomechanical monsters, satanic gods and gothic landscapes which have unquestionably exercised enormous influence among emerging artists from all parts.

The collective exhibition Creators of Legends – Homage to HR Giger unites artists from Mexico, the United States, Australia, Spain, Poland and Germany who, taking their inspiration from HR Giger's work, develop their own creations in the field of painting, sculpture, drawing and photography. This international travelling exhibition visits Spain for the first time after having made its way to numerous cities in Mexico, Switzerland and Germany.

Precisely in 2019, with the 40th anniversary of Alien, the exhibition comes with an art installation intitled Bestiary of Orion, taking its inspiration from the laboratory of the android David, one of the lead characters in the film Alien: Covenant (2017), where a space is created that merges fiction, science and art in a rather disturbing fashion.

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