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The exhibition "Paul Naschy – An autobiography in images" is open at Okendo Cultural Center

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The exhibition Paul Naschy – An autobiography in images will be open between October 26th and December 14th at the Okendo Cultural Center.

This exhibition is, without a doubt, the most complete and extensive recognition ever made of the life and professional career of Paul Naschy (Jacinto Molina Álvarez, 1934-2009). The event will also feature, thanks to the kind support of his widow, Elvira Primavera, and of his sons, Sergio and Bruno, a loan made by the family including the personal archive of the figure receiving the tribute.

Paul Naschy is one of the most important figures in the history of European fantasy movies. The exhibition looks at his prolific career from start to finish, from his first works as an excellent illustrator of album covers, his brief but curious period as an author of pulp western novels, and of course his extremely successful weightlifting career, to his last appearances on the big screen. However, the bulk of the show will obviously focus on his enormous and forever-remembered contribution to Spanish cinema.

The exhibition will offer the added attraction of presenting, for the first time, content coming from the storage facilities and archives of the artists and professionals who worked with him in the props, wardrobe, makeup, special effects departments, etc. Mythical companies and names such as Vázquez Hermanos, Cornejo, Molina FX and the makeup artists Julián Ruiz, Miguel Sesé, Ángel Luis de Diego and Fernando Florido, together with illustrations, comic strips, designs, posters and sketches created by José Sanchis, Gumersindo Andrés López, Jano, Antonio Gracia José "Pierrot" and a long list of unforgettable authors.

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