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Spain. Production: 100 Balas (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO). Network: Orange TV. Creation: José A. Pérez Ledo. 100 Balas General Direction: Alex Flórez. Executive production: Blanca Baena. Direction: Koldo Serra. Screenplay: José A. Pérez Ledo. Photography: Ibon Antuñano. Edition: José Manuel Jiménez. Cast: Daniel Ibáñez, Alexandra Pino, Carlos Suárez, Songa Park, Lucas Miramón, Eguzki Zubia, Pako Revueltas. Running time: 112 min.


Filmed with mobile phones. In the wettest winter of the last seven decades (although the series is set in summer). In the Irati forest. 20-minute episodes. In a horror territory that all we feverish fans of the genre love to the point that we'd give our lives for it: people running through the forest despite us knowing there's no escape. Found footage. Once again The Blair Witch Project (1999), but also, and then some, the tremendously (ig)noble Cannibal Holocaust (1980). Not to forget all the families who happily chase, hound, emasculate and eviscerate hikers and pilgrims (we're doing the Way of St. James of course). Leatherface? Yep. And mummy driving an MZ complete with sidecar... Heaps of crazy sequence shots and a touch of the Von Trier...

Araña Araña