Sky Sharks
Principal Theater Saturday, 2020 October 31 / 17:00 7,50 € Tickets

Germany. Direction: Marc Fehse. Production: Carsten Fehse, Marc Fehse, Yazid Benfeghoul / Fusebox Films. Coproduction: Eva Habermann, Falk Siemering. Screenplay: A. D. Morel, Cartsen Fehse, Marc Fehse. Photography: Olaf Markmann, Marco J. Riedl.  Music: Nicolás Álvarez. Edition: Marc Fehse. Cast: Thomas Morris, Barbara Nedeljakova, Eva Habermann, Oliver Kalkofe, Michaela Schaffrath, Amanda Bearse. Running time: 103 min.

LANGUAGE: English, German / SUBTITLES: Spanish

They say this movie was shown at Cannes in 2015 by the exceedingly ignoble producers Marctropolis-Film and Bengeghoul Productions. Well, if you're wondering whether it was or wasn't there... you could say that it wasn't really at Cannes at all. It was shown in a tent in half-trailer mode and its makers dauntlessly worked to bag funding. But no matter, here we have the flick in its natural habitat: the Horror Festival. They coaxed the cash out of micro-sponsors, convinced Naomi Grossman –Pepper in "American Horror Story" (2012-2018)– to join the team and with Marc Fehse not only as director, co-writer and editor but also as sublime creator of the costumes, and set about making this murky, filthy and delicious little tale where, yes, sharks do fly and the Nazi zombies get up to their usual all sorts.

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