Fanzine War

fanzinesFifth edition of the legendary Fanzine War, where several teams bring out special issues dedicated to the Horror Festival and compete for the favour of the audience at the Principal Theatre. In collaboration with the Desktop Publishing Corner at Medialab Tabakalera and FNAC.

Fanzine intensive
A workshop to savour the world of self-publishing
Artist: Clara Moreno Cela

In this workshop, we will conduct a series of exercises, proposals and actions that will help us to savour the world of self-publishing. We will not need vast resources or materials to build a fanzine that gladly illustrates our deepest desires. We need nothing more than our urge to explode over the paper to draw, write, think, observe, experiment and play with the format. We will discover fanzines to encourage us to think of different layouts and topics and make our own publication to take home and print, distribute or give as a gift. Savour the world of fanzines!

Medialab Tabakalera (Desktop publishing corner)
October 17 / 10:00

Araña Araña