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The exhibition "Fernando Mircala: The elegant future" is open at Kutxa Kultur Plaza

The elegant future


The exhibition Fernando Mircala: The elegant future, belonging to the program of the 31st San Sebastian Horror and Fantasy Film Festival, will be open between October 14th and December 13th at Kutxa Kultur Plaza (Tabakalera – 4th floor).

The elegant future is an aesthetic-metaphysical graphic proposal of a world in its kindest and simplest perfection. TEF is a stylised, weightless and poetically delineated idealisation integrating beings, atmospheres and machines, in a harmonious functionality modelled with the good taste of Streamline design, and the hedonistic and ductile plasticity of classic toys.

Elegant human prototypes move in delightful electromagnetic aeromobiles, inhabit graceful floating houses where the comfort of the shapes and the colours promise sensory pleasures which in our imperfect present we are only capable of perceiving; and they explore sectors of the cosmos and of the mind with philosophical curiosity, places that expand the inhabitable horizon of ideas, progress and new projects.

The elegant future is the Utopian fancy of a beautiful, pleasant and warm experiential life; it is a projection, a path, a desire for a structural, formal and ethical society, more human, free, and fair. TEF is a fantasy born of the candid paper dreams of a “child” artist who refuses to grow up, and who resists selling his soul to the prosaic machinery of crushing reality; a reality which, at the end of the day, can be altered and redesigned in as many varied and lucid manners as beautiful human spirits inhabit and will inhabit the world.

Araña Araña