Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes
Principal Theater Friday, 2021 October 29 / 23:30 7,50 € Tickets

Japan. Direction: Junta Yamaguchi. Production: Takahiro Otsuki, Kazuchika Yoshida / Tollywood, Europe Kikaku. Screenplay: Makoto Ueda. Photography: Junta Yamaguchi. Music: Koji Takimoto. Edition: Junta Yamaguchi. Cast: Kazunori Tosa, Aki Asakura, Riko Fujitani, Gota Ishida, Yoshifumi Sakai. Running time: 70 min.

LANGUAGE: Japanese / SUBTITLES: Spanish

Hailed at all festivals of the fantastic, terror, sci-fi, anime, manga and/ or exploitation as a "one-take time travel Sci-fi comedy" and celebrated on posters announcing its imminent release with the sentence pronounced by Shinichiro Ueda, our beloved colleague from One Cut of the Dead (2017) as: "A masterpiece of film-making packed with joy", the movie by Junta Yamaguchi, who cast light on that Taxi Driver Gion Taro (2014) based on a radionovela, works wonders with the idea that your TV set will soon allow you to travel into the future... by two minutes. And in the bar-cafe-hovel you frequent... It doesn't sound like much time, does it? Even so, screenwriter Makoto Ueda still manages to ask a couple of philosophical questions.

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