Principal Theater Tuesday, 2021 November 2 / 16:30 7,50 € Tickets

USA. Direction: Dash Shaw. Production: Kyle Martin, Jane Samborski, Bill Way, Tyler Davidson / Electric Chinoland, Fit Via Vi Films, Low Spark Films, Washington Square Films. Executive production: Gail Flanigan, Dexter Braf, Drew Sykes. Screenplay: Dash Shaw. Animation direction: Jane Samborski. Music: John Carroll Kirby. Edition: Lance Edmands, Alex Abrahams. Voices: Lake Bell, Michael Cera, Alex Karpovsky, Zoe Kazan, Louisa Krause. Running time: 90 min.

LANGUAGE: English / SUBTITLES: Spanish

"Daring. Tender. Intelligent". That's how the USA describes the work of Dash Shaw, a writer, illustrator, controversial poet and visual artist, former member of a very strange pop group going by the name of Love Eats Brains!, exactly like one of his thrilling comics, the one subtitled A Zombie Romance. His films are lyrical, emotional, biologically diverse; one of them, from 2016, has the title My Entire High School Sinking Into the Sea. Dash brings another of his adult, exquisite, erotic animated proposals to the Festival. A procession of fauns, satyrs, couples who fornicate in the woods, unicorns, mythical creatures exploited by some, saved by others... Dash's movie makes love with Chaos and embraces the epic-moral sense of animation.

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