Au pair (2021)


Au pair
Principal Theater Wednesday, 2021 November 3 / 16:00

Spain. Direction: David Pérez Sañudo. Production: Kevin Iglesias, Elena Maeso, Agustín Delgado Bulnes, David Pérez Sañudo / Amania Films. Screenplay: David Pérez Sañudo, Marina Parés. Photography: Kenneth Oribe. Music: Beatriz López-Nogales. Edition: Lluis Murua. Cast: Sarah Perles, Luis Callejo. Running time: 22 min.


Nadia, a chic and urbanite Parisienne, travels to Valladolid to give French classes to Nestor, a young Spanish boy. There she is welcomed his father, Fernando, an eccentric and traditional man who will immerse her in the heart of Castile.

Araña Araña