O que queda de nós (2021)


O que queda de nós
Principal Theater Wednesday, 2021 November 3 / 16:00

Spain. Direction: Miguel Gómez Abad. Production: Eva María Fernández, Lucía Carrera / O Faiado Filmes. Screenplay: Miguel Gómez Abad. Photography: Jorge Díaz. Music: Juan Garrido, Manuel Lucas. Edition: Lucía Abeledo. Cast: María Costas, Lidia Veiga, Lois Soaxe. Running time: 17 min.

LANGUAGE: Galician / SUBTITLES: Spanish

A girl and her mother always go out hunting together. She enjoys it and is very good with guns, but the mother doesn't think she's ready yet. One day while hunting they lose the dogs and everything starts to get complicated.

Araña Araña