Little Miss Fate (2020)


Little Miss Fate
Victoria Eugenia Antzokia
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Tuesday, 2021 November 2 / 20:00

Switzerland. Direction: Joder von Rotz. Production: Fela Bellotto, Lukas Pulver / YK Animation Studio. Screenplay: Joder von Rotz. Animation: Fela Bellotto, Aira Joana, Martine Ulmer, Lorenz Wunderle, Kerstin Zemp, Lukas Pulver, Joder von Rotz. Music: Philipp Schlotter. Running time: 8 min.

Little Miss Fate lives in a world driven by fate. When the opportunity arises, she slips into the role of the world leader. Unintentionally she creates a monster, which greedily wants to suck up all the love of the world.

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