Them (2021)


Victoria Eugenia Antzokia
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Tuesday, 2021 November 2 / 20:00

Switzerland. Direction: Sunitha Sangaré. Production: Nicolas Burlet, Zoltan Horvath / Nadasdy Film.Coproduction: Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. Screenplay: Sunitha Sangaré. Animation: Sunitha Sangaré, Eléonore Künstner, Müller Camille, Yaeka Tabara. Music: Sebastian Androne-Nakanishi. Edition: Sunitha Sangaré. Running time: 11 min.

Eugene and his daughter Lavey move from place to place. Eugene loves his daughter, but he has a problem with her gradual metamorphosis. One night, strange shapes approach them. In a panic, Eugene shoots one of the pursuers.

Araña Araña