The Thing That Ate the Birds (2021)


The Thing That Ate the Birds
Victoria Eugenia Antzokia Sunday, 2021 October 31 - Monday, 2021 November 1 / 19:00 & 16:30

UK. Direction: Sophie Mair, Dan Gitsham. Production: Rebecca Wolff, Jude Goldrei, Sophie Mair / Sketchbook Pictures, Lunar Lander Films, Grasp the Nettle Productions. Screenplay: Sophie Mair, Dan Gitsham. Photography: James Oldham. Music: Krantz. Edition: James Taggart. Cast: Eoin Slattery, Rebecca Palmer, Lewis Mackinnon, James Swanton. Running time: 12 min.

LANGUAGE: English / SUBTITLES: Basque (October 31 / 19:00), Spanish (November 1 / 16:30)

Abel discovers the thing that is eating his grouse. His blunt and violent response brings the menace back home shattering his already crumbling relationship with his wife.

Araña Araña