They're Here (2021)


Victoria Eugenia Antzokia Sunday, 2021 October 31 - Monday, 2021 November 1 / 19:00 & 16:30

Canada (Québec). Direction: Sid Zanforlin. Production: Patricia Gomez Zlatar / Head on the Door Productions. Screenplay: Sid Zanforlin. Photography: Hong Nguyen. Music: Michael Richard Plowman. Edition: Lucas Villegas, Stephen Philipson. Cast: Melia Cressaty, Bronwen Mantel, Al Goulem, Matt Keyes, Julie Trépanier. Running time: 12 min.

LANGUAGE: English / SUBTITLES: Basque (October 31 / 19:00), Spanish (November 1 / 16:30)

Unable to cope with the illness of her grandmother, Sam becomes convinced that her body is harboring an alien being that must be removed. There is just one problem, nobody believes her, and instead suspect Sam of trying to murder her.

Araña Araña