Kranston Ikastetxea
Victoria Eugenia Antzokia Saturday, 2021 October 30 / 12:00

With invitation

Young Euskaraz

Mexiko-UK-USA-Canada. Direction: Leopoldo Aguilar. Production: Fernando de Fuentes S., José C. García de Letona, Gregory Gavanski / Ánima, Defi Films. Executive production: Mariana Suárez Molnar, Eóin Hegan, Summet Mitra. Screenplay: Bob Barlen, Cal Brunken. Animation direction: Lio Vargas. Music: Jody Jenkins. Edition: Vincent Tabaillon, Gilad Carmel. Running time: 80 min.

Danny Dawkins is offered a scholarship to study at Cranston Academy, a prestigious school for genius kids. There he meets his rival and roommate, Liz Fizzerton. In the quest to prove his intelligence, Danny sets about repairing an old particle reactor, opening a portal to another world known as the 5th Dimension, home to a slew of monsters and hair-raising beings. Helped by a half-moth, half-man aptly named Mothman, Danny and Liz must overcome the creatures to close the portal and save the school from imminent annihilation.

The invitations will be avalaible from October 27th at the Victoria Eugenia and Principal theatres

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