HOSPITAL OF THE TRANSFIGURATION (Szpital przemienienia, 1978)


Szpital przemienienia
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Poland. Direction: Edward Żebrowski. Production: Tadeusz Drewno / Zespół Filmowy Tor. Plot: Hospital of the Transfiguration / Szpital przemienienia (Stanisław Lem). Screenplay: Michał Komar, Edward Żebrowski. Photography: Witold Sobociński. Music: Stanisław Radwan. Edition: Urszula Śliwińska. Cast: Piotr Dejmek, Jerzy Bińczycki, Henryk Bista, Ewa Dałkowska, Gustaw Holoubek.


In the Poland of 1943, at the height of World War II, patients with all sorts of ailments live together in a psychiatric hospital. There are several cases of schizophrenia, a doctor who has voluntarily entered the clinic to receive treatment for his drug addiction and an array of rather unusual medical staff not adverse to meting out violence. The arrival of the Gestapo changes the life of all of the asylum residents. Edward Żebrowski adapts Stanisław Lem's first novel, on a subject relatively far removed from his later work, which would turn him into one of the most important sci-fi writers of the 20th century.

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