PILOT PIRX'S INQUEST (Test pilota Pirxa, 1978)


Test pilota Pirxa
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Poland-USSR. Direction: Marek Piestrak. Production: Edward Kłosowicz, Karl Levoll / PRF Zespoły Filmowe, Tallinnfilm, Dovzhenko Film Studios. Plot: The Inquest / Rozprawa (Tales of Pirx the Pilot / Opowieści o pilocie Pirxie) (Stanisław Lem). Screenplay: Marek Piestrak, Vladimir Valutskiy. Photography: Janusz Pawłowski. Music: Arvo Pärt. Edition: Roman Kolski. Cast: Sergei Desnitsky, Aleksandr Kaidanovskiy, Vladimir Ivashov, Tõnu Saar, Aleksandr Belyavsky.


Adaptation of The Inquest, one of the ten short stories in Tales of Pirx the Pilot, a series in which Lem followed the professional career of a space pilot. Shot in co-production with companies from Ukraine and Estonia, here Pirx travels on the spaceship Goliath, where the human crew are joined by a new generation android whose capacity he has the task of evaluating. These androids are raising all sorts of hopes in society due to their supposed intellectual and physical superiority compared to humans. Pirx has been chosen by a committee of experts to analyse its behaviour during the space voyage.

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