Post Mortem
Principal Theater Tuesday, 2020 November 3 / 18:30 7,50 € Tickets

Hungary. Direction: Péter Bergendy. Production: Ábel Köves, Tamás Lajos / Szupermodern Stúdió, Post Mortem Film. Screenplay: Piros Zánkay. Photography: András Nagy. Music: Attila Pacsay. Edition: István Király. Cast: Viktor Klem, Fruzsina Hais, Judit Schell. Running time: 115 min.

LANGUAGE: Hungarian / SUBTITLES: Spanish

Interesting, very, the movie that sheds aromas, flavours and hints of Béla Tarr, of his Sátántangó (2019), and, perhaps, of Haneke's The White Ribbon (2009). Interesting, very, its director, that Péter Bergendy who received the gift of a camera from his grandfather when only six years old and whose Psychology graduation thesis looked, precisely, at the psychology of horror movies. His The Exam (2011), a noir spy movie, won the Golden Hugo at Chicago and his Trezor (2018), eight awards in Hungary. Interesting, so very much, the starting point, that funeral rite born with the invention of photography: taking a snap of your loved-one's corpse. And treasuring it. In 2018, Valencia's Ethnographic Museum dedicated a major exhibition to the photographs of dead folk.

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