Líbranos del mal
Antonio José Navarro
(Editorial Hermenaute)

portada lbranos del mal

Cinema on demonic possessions and exorcisms, in its capacity of eminently popular cinema, is above all entertainment. Not trivial and insignificant entertainment, but a complete narrative, an iconography representing our urgent need to neutralise personal and collective demons in very different ways.

Líbranos del mal. Un estudio cultural del cine de posesiones demoníacas y exorcismos examines the mythological, cultural, social, ideological, aesthetic and even psychological dynamics revolving around our relationship with Evil, expressed through this frequently underestimated horror movie sub-genre.

From The Exorcist to Demonic, passing through Il demonio, Mother Joan of the Angels, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, The Conjuring (The Warren Files) and The Atticus Institute, this essay unravels the dramatic and visual mechanisms of this and many other films and explains the extent to which they reveal our fears and anxieties.


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