Fanzine War

fanzinesSixth edition of the legendary Fanzine War, where a variety of publications bring out special issues dedicated to the Horror Festival and compete for the favour of the audience at the Principal Theatre. In collaboration with the Desktop Publishing Corner at Medialab Tabakalera and FNAC.

The night putrefies
New horror imagery through illustrations and comics

Artist: Andrea Ganuza Santafé

Have you ever been frightened of a drawing or picture? Can you explain what it is exactly that disturbs you? How are perverse images constructed and what relationship do we generate with them? This workshop has two parts: the first takes a theoretical approach from a critical point of view. Here we'll study the work of classic mangakas in the genre like Junji Ito, Kanako Inuki and Suehiro Maruo, and movements such as the ero guro, with its combination of erotism and horror. The second part will have a more practical focus. Using drawing and writing, in fanzine format, you'll dig into your own memory to retrieve sinister images that had you shaking in your shoes while questioning mainstream stereotypes and playing with shapes, textures, shadows and fears to create strange and scary images.

Medialab Tabakalera (Desktop publishing corner)
October 16 / 10:30 - 17:30


Araña Araña