Noviembre fantasma

nov_fant_master_logos1 copiaThe Noviembre fantasma initiative is back, an online channel for the viewing of exclusive extra content related to the fantastic genre, free of charge. The participating festivals now stand at four in number: TerrorMolins (Molins de Rei), Fancine (Malaga) and the San Sebastian Horror and Fantasy Film Festival, who are now joined in this second year by Isla Calavera – Festival de Cine Fantástico de Canarias, based in Tenerife.

The proposal aims to intensify November's fantastic aspect, combining the strengths of films that run their physical editions on those dates, nurturing the passion for fantastic and horror movies throughout Spain. The channel continues to offer a large part of the contents incorporated in 2020 and will add new proposals. Talks and video essays, a top on anime movies, a report with Japanese filmmakers, interviews, literary presentations... A menu rich in ingredients for a tastier bite of the cinema we love.

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