TraShe: Bad Girls go to Hell


Exploitation, trash, Z-movies... Many are the words bandied about when referring to movies labelled as tacky. But history is full of little counterculture and provocative gems that deserve to be remembered. And with them, their authors... of both sexes. Because yes, some of these wonders were created by women. Women who defied the limits of the politically correct and delved into the underworld of violence, drugs, sex and all kinds of trash.

That's why, at this round table, we want to champion the role of underground creators like Doris Wishman, Amy Holden Jones, Stephanie Rothman, Barbara Peeters and Roberta Findlay. We want to talk about creative freedom and the right to make trash in all its shapes, colours and smells. At the end of the day, we want to discuss the vision that those women impressed on the cinema, and how today's women creators can take up the sceptre as the queens of blood... And in so doing lead the hordes of humanoids into the abyss.


Miriam Ortega (director and teacher)
Kim Maiteny (investigator)
Elisa McCausland (investigator and journalist)
Jeannette Díaz (Kresala Zinekluba programmer and producer)

Club Room (Victoria Eugenia Theatre)
November 1 / 12:00

Araña Araña