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The exhibition "Batman: The World – Originals by Paco Roca" is open

Batman: El mundo


The exhibition Batman: The World – Originals by Paco Roca will be open between October 25th and November 30th at FNAC Donostia.

For years Batman has been fighting crime in the dark and devious confines of Gotham City. But looking beyond the bridges, the alleys and the skyscrapers, he realises that justice respects no borders and that evil forces are ubiquitous. And whenever Bruce Wayne travels to other countries, Batman goes with him to quell all roguish outbreaks. Anywhere he goes, he's always the Dark Knight!

Batman: The World is an international graphic novel bringing unpublished tales of the Dark Night from across 14 countries. The award-winning Paco Roca (National Comic Award 2008, Eisner Award 2020 for best U.S. edition of international material, among a slew of other accolades) is the author responsible for the tale set in Benidorm.

Visitors to the exhibition will be able to take a close look at the creative process behind this work thanks to some twenty original pages and sketches.

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