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The exhibition dedicated to "Simonides" is open at Kutxa Kultur Plaza



The exhibition dedicated to Simonides, belonging to the program of the 32nd San Sebastian Horror and Fantasy Film Festival, will be open between October 26th and December 12th at Kutxa Kultur Plaza (Tabakalera – 4th floor).

Simonides works seem to ask: What is wrong with the world? His subject matter is "unreal" or seems to be based on emphasizing a perspective fixated on the absurd aspects of some of the realities that are reflected and shake us every day. The expressionism of difference. Simonides captures the absurd side of everyday occurrences.

Simonides uses rebelliousness tending towards the alternative in a world of heroes and sloggers. Something is always going on in Simonides' paintings. Introduction, climax and ending, or introduction, climax and... the viewpoint or ending of the spectator, because Simonides also practices and invites the spectator to solve his concerns.

Simonides' oil paintings are like huge vignettes open to cleaning, honestly, willing to demonstrate the goings-on of the absurd with neither tricks nor concessions. We are before Simonides' profound point of view. We invite you to share it.

José Cos

Araña Araña