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The exhibition "asisKo – Sugarren mende: ehizakiak, sorgin?" is open at the Central Library

asisKo – Sugarren mende: ehizakiak, sorgin?


The exhibition Euskadi Fantastikoa 17: asisKo – Sugarren mende: ehizakiak, sorgin? will be open between October 29th and November 20th at the Central Library (Alderdi Eder).

Asisko Urmeneta Otsoa Errarteko, asisKo (Pamplona, 1965), has always moved comfortably in both his personal work and in his collective projects. The bearer of a strong artistic personality, he has achieved a long and productive career which he continues to nurture today immersed in new creative projects.

The responsibility towards oppressed languages and cultures has been a constant in his work. In fact, the main body of his output has been constructed from the angle of the Basque language. "In a people that is invaded, the use of their language, and not that of the colonizer, is an act of resistance", he once explained, taking the words of Camus and, in this respect, his work has always maintained absolute coherence.

Coherent yes, responsible yes, but also sardonic. That's another important side of asisKo when looking at and interpreting the world.

Oh, if only taking the mickey were an Olympic sport...

Mikel Begoña

Araña Araña