Mitt Förra Liv / My Past Life (2014)


Mitt Förra Liv
Principal Theater
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Thursday, 2014 October 30 / 17:00 7,40 €


Sweden. Direction: Sebastian Lindblad. Production: Per von Koch, Anisa Dzindo / Lavette. Screenplay: Marcelo Obón, Sebastian Lindblad. Photography: Sebastian Lindblad. Music: Gustaf Spetz. Edition: Sebastian Lindblad. Narrator: Jim Nilsson. Cast: Johannes Öjring, Joakim Ferrari, Tibor Bodjo, Anisa Dzindo, Tobias Lindroth. Running time: 3 min

LANGUAGE: Swedish / SUBTITLES: Spanish

This is the tale of a man blinded by an obsession and out of touch with reality.

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