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Tuesday, 2022 November 1 / 19:00 / 100' 4 € Tickets

Language: French, Portuguese

Subtitle: Basque, English

  • Portugal-France-Belgium.
  • Direction: Cristèle Alves Meira.
  • Production: Gaëlle Mareschi, Pedro Borges, Raquel Morte, Sébastien Delloye / Fluxus Films, Midas Filmes, Entre Chien et Loup.
  • Coproduction: Mathematic, Les Films Pelléas, Studio Exception
  • Screenplay: Cristèle Alves Meira, Laurent Lunetta.
  • Photography: Rui Poças.
  • Music: Amine Bouhafa.
  • Edition: Pierre Deschamps.
  • Cast: Lua Michel, Ana Padrão, Jacqueline Corado, Catherine Salée, Duarte Pina, Ester Catalão, Sónia Martins, Martha Quina, Arthur Brigas.

Like every summer, little Salomé returns to her family village nestled in the Portuguese mountains for the holidays. As the vacations begin in a fun and carefree atmosphere, her beloved grandmother suddenly dies. While the survivors and the locals tear each other apart over the funeral, Salomé starts to feel haunted by the spirit of a woman said to have been a witch. Debut film somewhere between the world of the living and of the dead, pierced by an aroma of magical realism.

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