Dolphin Boy



Victoria Eugenia Antzokia
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Saturday, 2022 October 29 / 12:00 / 90'

With invitation

Language: Basque

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  • Iran-Russia-Turkey-Germany.
  • Direction: Mohammad Kheirandish.
  • Production: Mohammad Hamedani / Sky Frame Studios.
  • Screenplay: Mohammad Kheirandish, Yana Kuzmina.
  • Music: Behzad Abdi.
  • Edition: Richard Oakes, Adam Leader.

Dolphins rescue a little boy they find in the sea and raise him as a member of their family. He lives a carefree life beneath the waves until an evil monster seizes power over the underwater world. The boy is banished to dry land, where the kind-hearted captain Murvarid takes him in. Helped by the captain and his almost-brother Snowball the dolphin, the boy sets out on a journey to solve the mystery of his true identity. Fabulous adventures await!

Invitations from October 24th at Victoria Eugenia and Principal theaters.

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