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Friday, 2022 October 28 / 23:30 / 123' 7,50 € Tickets

Language: Japanese

Subtitle: Spanish, English

  • Japan.
  • Direction: Koji Shiraishi.
  • Production: Wowow, Kadokawa, Hikari TV.
  • Screenplay: Koji Shiraishi.
  • Photography: Koji Shiraishi.
  • Edition: Koji Shiraishi.
  • Cast: Mayu Hotta, Hiroki Iijima, Mikako Kakei, Shohei Uno, Koji Shiraishi, Miyu Sasaki, Hideo Nakano, Nobue Iketani.

Here we have the penultimate outrage from Koji Shiraishi, a fan of Brian De Palma and Kiarostami, Carpenter and Gakuryu Ishii  (the Granddaddy of Japanese Cyberpunk) who one fine day in 2016 dared to film Sadako vs. Kayako. Now he recounts the amazing but far from sad story of a film director overwhelmed by the weight of his (only) masterpiece, venerated by geeks the world over, who offer him ideas for a sequel. The story of how he, his assistant, an armed volunteer, a blonde, smoking demigod, a girl who will have her head cut off and someone else end up in an empty building where a sect is awaiting the dawn of the Great Cosmic Force, for which there is no possible explanation. But then, why should there be?

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