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Language: Spanish

  • Spain.
  • Direction: Raúl Cerezo, Fernando González Gómez.
  • Production: José Luis Rancaño, Mamen Espinosa / Person’s Films, La Dalia Films, Antídoto Films.
  • Executive production: José Luis Rancaño, Silvia Melero, Carlota Amor, Helion Ramalho.
  • Screenplay: Javier Trigales, Raúl Cerezo, Rubén Sánchez Trigos.
  • Photography: Ignacio Aguilar.
  • Music: Eneko Vadillo.
  • Edition: José Manuel Jiménez.
  • Cast: Zorion Eguileor, Gustavo Salmerón, Paula Gallego, Irene Anula, Ángela López Gamonal, Juan Acedo.

Raúl has festivals down pat: Escorto, Córtate, Cortopatía and Cortópolis, and works for Universal. Fernando directed Ana de Armas not only before she was Norma Jean, but before she came up against Jamie Lee Curtis in Knives Out (2019). The screenplay of Viejos (the glorious, apocalyptic, infernal revenge of the pensioners that no one paid any heed to when they headed out onto the streets) features Rubén Sánchez Trigos, with a doctoral thesis in Audiovisual Communication about Spanish zombie films, and Javier Trigales, Professor of Audiovisual Studies. With figures of that calibre, no one will be saying "OK, boomer". Much less if the star is Zorion Eguileor. And still less if the film has been featured at San Sebastian, Sitges and Austin.

Araña Araña