Raven’s Hollow



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Saturday, 2022 October 29 / 22:30 / 98' 7,50 € Tickets

Language: English

Subtitle: Spanish

  • UK.
  • Direction: Christopher Hatton.
  • Production: Caroline Stern, Todd Lundbohm, Andrejs Ekis / Canoe Film, 828 Productions, Cinevilla Studios, Creativity Media, Filmgate Films.
  • Screenplay: Christopher Hatton.
  • Photography: Michael Rizzi.
  • Music: Robert Ellis-Geiger.
  • Edition: Danny Rafic.
  • Cast: William Moseley, Melanie Zanetti, Kate Dickie, David Hayman, Oberon K. A. Adjepong, Elizabet Ingram.

Yes, Edgar Allen Poe joined the Army in 1827. He first served at Fort Independence, Boston. And was then transferred to Fort Monroe in Virginia. He earned 5 dollars a month. He made it to the rank of sergeant. And sergeant-major. After a while he resigned. But his father made him enrol at West Point. He clocked up 44 offences and 106 demerits... And so this film by Christopher Hatton, director of Sammyville (1999), about a ghost town that is real, that exists but seems not to, is no lie: Poe was a soldier. And undoubtedly led other soldiers hunting through inhospitable territory. Down where dark, winged creatures devour the bodies of their victims, crucify their remains, and no one knows, has heard or seen a thing. Yes, down in the “raven's hollow”.

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