Mondo cannibale



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Monday, 2022 October 31 / 23:30 / 90' 7,50 € Tickets

Language: Italian

Subtitle: Spanish

  • Spain-Italy.
  • Direction: Jess Franco, Franco Prosperi.
  • Production: Daniel Lesoeur.
  • Screenplay: Jesús Franco, Jean Rollin.
  • Photography: Luis Colombo.
  • Music: Roberto Pregadio.
  • Edition: Roland Grillon.
  • Cast: Al Cliver, Sabrina Siani, Jérôme Foulon, Lina Romay, Shirley Knight, Antonio Mayans, Anouchka.

Ten years ago Dr Taylor lost his family to a cannibal tribe. His wife was slain and eaten, and his teenage daughter was abducted. Now Taylor has decided to return and look for the girl, only to find her and learn that she has become their queen. At a time of mondos and cannibals, Jesús Franco, with the collaboration of Franco Prosperi and Jean Rollin, directs this exploitation movie also known as Cannibals, White Cannibal Queen, La Déesse cannibale and even Mondo cannibale 3.

Araña Araña