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Tuesday, 2022 November 1 / 19:30 / 100' 7,50 € Tickets

Language: Spanish

  • Spain.
  • Direction: Jaume Balagueró.
  • Production: Álex de la Iglesia, Carolina Bang / Pokeepsie Films.
  • Screenplay: Jaume Balagueró.
  • Photography: Pablo Rosso.
  • Music: Vanessa Garde.
  • Edition: Luis de la Madrid.
  • Cast: Ester Expósito, Inés Fernández, Ángela Cremonte, Fernando Valdivieso, Federico Aguado, Magüi Mira.

Can you imagine (if you haven't seen it already in Toronto or Sitges) what could happen if the maker of Way Down (2020), Fragile (2005) and Nameless (1999) joins up with the writer of Verónica (2017), the lighting director of [REC] (2007), the soundtrack mixer of Veneciafrenia (2021) along with the actress from “Veneno” (2020) and “Élite” (2018-) as well as Magüi Mira, writer, performer, theatre director and winner of the Fine Arts Medal of Merit, they set about reading the Lovecraft story The Dreams in the Witch House in the company of Carolina Bang and Álex de la Iglesia, and set it in the Madrid suburbs while dreaming of the song Ay, pena, penita pena, someone says “let's dance” and we see snakes winding round their ankles?

Araña Araña