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Wednesday, 2022 November 2 / 19:30 / 100' 7,50 € Tickets

Language: English

Subtitle: Spanish

  • USA.
  • Direction: Diego Hallivis.
  • Production: Julio Hallivis, Andres Rosende / Xolo Productions.
  • Screenplay: The Hallivis Brothers.
  • Photography: Unax Mendia.
  • Music: Nima Fakhrara.
  • Edition: Álex Márquez.
  • Cast: Jorge Lendeborg Jr., Jenna Ortega, Allen Maldonado, Bella Ortiz, Jorge Diaz, Yumarie Morales, Catherine McCafferty, Eric Dane, Brett Cullen.

Yes, it's directed by a guy from Mexico City, who moved to Florida where he graduated from film school. With such good grades that in another of his films, Curvature (2017), he directed… Linda Hamilton! Yes, the script is by his brother Julio, who normally produces. Yes, the flag of convenience of a film that some call a comedy is the stars and stripes, but take a look at the credits: Director of Photography, Unax Mendia –No Rest for the Wicked (2011), “Velvet” (2013-2016)–. Editor, Álex Márquez: The Putin Interviews (2017). Costume Design, Nerea Torrijos: Akelarre (2020), of course. Special Effects, Gontzal Aurrekoetxea: Way Down (2021). So, what's it about? About how to take over the world through hamburgers made from… Careful now: it's scary, it's hilarious, it's disgusting.

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