Blood Flower

Harum Malam, 2022


Main Theatre
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Wednesday, 2022 November 2 / 22:30 / 102' 7,50 € Tickets

Language: Bahasa Malaysia

Subtitle: Basque, English

  • Malaysia.
  • Direction: Dain Said.
  • Production: Apparat Nandita Solomon.
  • Screenplay: Dain Said, Nandita Solomon, Ben Omar.
  • Photography: Jordan Chiam.
  • Music: Bruno Brugnano.
  • Edition: Ben Omar.
  • Cast: Idan Aedan, Bront Palarae, Remy Ishak, Arnie Shasha.

The blood flower, Asclepias curassavica, exists, but although it's known as the cattle killer, it's neither as dangerous nor as bloody as the specimen growing in the greenhouse of a man with too much dark power. We know him. We, who in the gang (or rather on the margins), have one with powers. Powers to heal. And to expel demons. His mother also had them, but… His father knew it. In fact, he took both of them to the sessions… We are in Malaysia. And so the setting is hot, humid, sweaty, sticky, dense. Directed by Dain Said, already a regular at the leading fantasy festivals with Interchange (2016), another viscous thriller. Said loves Bresson, Antonioni, and the creatures concealed in the dark pools of Southeast Asia.

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