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Wednesday, 2022 November 2 / 16:30 / 16'

Language: Spanish

  • Spain.
  • Direction: Daniel M. Caneiro.
  • Production: Pedro Palacios, Ricard Sales, Luis Ferrón, Daniel M. Caneiro, Marta Lacima.
  • Screenplay: Daniel M. Caneiro.
  • Photography: Jorge Roig, Sheila Rodríguez.
  • Music: Maese César.
  • Edition: Gema Romera, Daniel M. Caneiro.
  • Cast: Violeta Marín, Carlos Olalla, Alejandra Lorente, Rafa Rojas.

Ismael sweeps the floor of an amusement park. On the floor, a crumpled sheet of paper with a photo of a missing girl stands out above the rest of the trash. A woman nervously asks if she has seen her daughter and Ismael tells her that she hasn’t.

Araña Araña