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Wednesday, 2022 November 2 / 16:30 / 12'

Language: Spanish

  • Spain.
  • Direction: Nerea Torrijos.
  • Production: Ikusgarri Films.
  • Screenplay: Nerea Torrijos, Ainara Mentxaka.
  • Photography: Marino Pardo.
  • Music: Xabi Arratibel Ramos.
  • Edition: Lander Castro.
  • Cast: Edurne Azkarate, Iñigo Aranbarri, Heren de Lucas, Cristina Sánchez, Haizea Águila.

As soon as she gets out of bed, Karen lives glued to her mobile, and everything her favourite influencer, Kamila Kay, says and does. Obsessed, she tries to become more and more like her, using every means available…

Araña Araña