L'isola dei resuscitati morti



Main Theatre
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Monday, 2022 October 31 / 23:30 / 20'

Language: Italian

Subtitle: Spanish

  • Italy-Austria.
  • Direction: Domenico Montixi.
  • Production: Alex Wank, Domenico Montixi / Cineploit, Akentia Productions.
  • Screenplay: Domenico Montixi.
  • Photography: Roberto Achenza.
  • Music: Flai.
  • Edition: Domenico Montixi.
  • Cast: Francesca Cavazzuti, Stefano Deffenu, Andrea Damasconi, Mary Jane Mannu, Simone Casella, Mario Olivieri.

70s. A group of rough mercenaries, led by a provocative, ambiguous, female Doctor, an indomitable journalist and a stubborn girl, venture to a tropical island in search of a famous missing scientist ... the unfortunates, in spite of themselves, are unaware that something terrible and supernatural is happening on the island ... will our heroes be able to find the professor?

This short will also screen at the two marathons of international short films at the Victoria Eugenia Theatre (30 and 31 October).

Araña Araña