La Nourrice



Victoria Eugenia Antzokia
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Sunday, 2022 October 30 - Monday, 2022 October 31 / 19:30 & 16:30 / 16'

Language: French

Subtitle: Spanish, Basque

  • France.
  • Direction: Arnold de Parscau.
  • Production: Arnold de Parscau, Marie-Reine Poyteau / Fleurs d’Argent Productions.
  • Screenplay: Arnold de Parscau.
  • Photography: Brieuc Segalen.
  • Music: Cyrille Marchesseau.
  • Edition: Arnold de Parscau.
  • Cast: Marie-Reine Poyteau, Agathe de Parscau.

In 1900, Marie sells pancakes made with mother’s milk on the market of a small Breton village. The recipe is all the rage and all the villagers become addicted. One day Marie ran out of milk. But the peasants still ask for more. They are going to make her go through an ordeal to continue to consume this precious resource that they consider inexhaustible.

Araña Araña