The Lair + Mondo cannibale

+ L'isola dei resuscitati morti


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Language: English & Italian

Subtitle: Spanish

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L'isola dei resuscitati morti (2022). Domenico Montixi. Italy-Austria. 20 min

70s. A group of rough mercenaries, led by a provocative, ambiguous, female Doctor, an indomitable journalist and a stubborn girl, venture to a tropical island in search of a famous missing scientist ... the unfortunates, in spite of themselves, are unaware that something terrible and supernatural is happening on the island ... will our heroes be able to find the professor?


The Lair (2022). UK. 90 min

  • Direction: Neil Marshall.
  • Production: Daniel-Konrad Cooper / Rather Good Films.
  • Executive production: Neil Marshall, Charlotte Kirk, Samantha Alwinton, Reinhard Besser, Joe Simpson, Phil Rymer, Simon Williams.
  • Screenplay: Neil Marshall.
  • Photography: Luke Bryant.
  • Music: Christopher Drake.
  • Edition: Jeremy Zimmermann.
  • Cast: Charlotte Kirk, Jonathan Howard, Jamie Bamber, Hadi Khanjanpour, Tanji Kibong, Leon Ockenden, Mark Strepan, Cesare Taurasi.

A fighter pilot is shot down. An RAF fighter (setting the style: this is a British film). She takes refuge in a bunker. We are in Afghanistan. Where nothing is what it seems, but always worse. The bunker is (was?) a laboratory. Secret, naturally. Russian (once again the baddies that the film world needed). A biological weapons laboratory. Agent Orange, mustard gas, napalm? Far from it: they had set about playing with the nucleic acid that contains the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of all living organisms… including aliens! Directed by our old friend from Dog Soldiers (2002), The Descent (2005) and a handful of chapters of “Game of Thrones” (2011-2019). Extreme action. Endless gore.


Mondo cannibale (1980). Spain-Italy. 90 min

  • Direction: Jess Franco, Franco Prosperi.
  • Production: Daniel Lesoeur.
  • Screenplay: Jesús Franco, Jean Rollin.
  • Photography: Luis Colombo.
  • Music: Roberto Pregadio.
  • Edition: Roland Grillon.
  • Cast: Al Cliver, Sabrina Siani, Jérôme Foulon, Lina Romay, Shirley Knight, Antonio Mayans, Anouchka.

Ten years ago Dr Taylor lost his family to a cannibal tribe. His wife was slain and eaten, and his teenage daughter was abducted. Now Taylor has decided to return and look for the girl, only to find her and learn that she has become their queen. At a time of mondos and cannibals, Jesús Franco, with the collaboration of Franco Prosperi and Jean Rollin, directs this exploitation movie also known as Cannibals, White Cannibal Queen, La Déesse cannibale and even Mondo cannibale 3.

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