El banquete infame
Antonio José Navarro
(Editorial Hermenaute)

el banquete infame

The obsession of the movies with cannibals and cannibalism is as old as the cinema itself. From Edward Salisbury's Gow the Head Hunter (1928) to Luca Guadagnino's Bones and All (2022), dozens of films have mulled over the subject from documentary, sensationalist, melodramatic and horrific points of view, digging deep into one of our worst inner demons, as individuals and society. This essay is about all this and much more..


2000maniacos_especial canibal

In the jungle or the city… the cannibal’s going to gobble you up!

So you’d better get running, as fast as you can, and with your copy of 2000maniacos clenched hard between your teeth. A monographic special brought out as a savage exclusive for San Sebastian’s Horror Fest. With its fangs sharpened and claws dirty with blood, vice, guts, trash and pop. 100 animalistic pages for you to enjoy, scream and whinny at. Movies, filth, fever and frenzy.

Welcome to the party!

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