azoknibal logo-2The creators of the Tamborrada Zonbi, Behobia Z and the Hilerri Kirolak bring a very special Fair to the Boulevard music stand and its surroundings. Because while it may indeed be based on Saint Thomas’s Day, it will feature pieces of human flesh rather than pork. And instead of wood crafts, it will offer decorations à la Ed Gein.

Our Cannibal Fair is also hugely pagan and worships all gods. All of a celebration in honour of the Goddess Mari and her other mythological Basque cronies. That’s why, when the fair is over and night falls, they will also perform a ritual in the purest The Wicker Man style.

So yes, come along decked out in your traditional farmers’ clobber… Just don’t forget the blood!

October 29

Fair: 17:00-19:30

Eco-nibal stalls
In collaboration with the Hal Group, workshop on handicrafts and creative stuff for kids. Create monsters and scary human-flesh-loving creatures!

Hortz-ikara stalls
Brought to you by the CIFP Monte Albertia LHII school is this makeup workshop and display for young and old alike. Get your mouth open wide and sharpen those teeth!

Ritual: 19:00-20:30

Akerrak okerrak
A&B Shows brings a pagan-cannibal parade through the Old Town. Mari’s acolytes have ventured down from the mountains and invite you to join them!

• Mariren oihartzuna
Anti-Messianic micro-play performed by the actor Amaia Ruiz de Galarreta and the writer Jon K. Sánchez. Hear Mari’s message.


October 28 / 17:00-20:00
Super Amara Benta Berri

Make-up workshop
If you can’t wait for the beginning of the Horror Festival and need urgently something terrifying, come to the Super Amara at Antiguo quarter. A creepy make-up workshop for all the family.


October 30 / 12:00
In front of the Victoria Eugenia Theatre

A gastronomic-cannibal journey on the Txu-Txu train
Brought to us by Dosekilibrados (Pijamaman aka Jon Ruiz & Deibiz Eraso), we’ll make our way round the city discovering the magical places where the most delicious pintxos and plates were born, like the finger gilda and the brain salad.

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Araña Araña