Noviembre Fantasma

02 noviembre fantasmaYet another autumn sees the return of Noviembre Fantasma, the joint initiative of the San Sebastian Horror and Fantasy Film Festival, Fancine, Terror Molins and Isla Calavera to offer aficionados exclusive content related with the genre. In this third edition, the dissemination channel opens with a revamped look, bringing an updated and curvier version of the symbolic ghost lending its name to their combined brand.

Following its creation in 2020 during the pandemic and with the addition last year of the competition from Tenerife, the four festivals reconfirm their pledge to this initiative by bringing forward the publication of this alternative material to early October, as a lead-up to each event. The platform therefore adds online content to the bills of each competition, whose respective editions will continue to run in full-blown in-person mode.

All of this content can be seen on the platform and will join the Noviembre Fantasma permanent catalogue, which amasses some thirty pieces of their own creation from previous seasons.

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